Hair Transplant Scars

What are Hair Transplant Scars?

There are many treatment options for hair loss, one of the more popular options are hair transplants. While hair transplants may serve to stave off hair loss it is not a permanent solution and more often than not hair that has been transplanted begin to thin and fall out within the first three to five years. In addition to it's non-permanent nature, it also results in the scarring of the donor area which can either be in the form of a long strip or dozens of pin-sized impressions on the back of the scalp.

Why Use Scalp Micro-Pigmentation to Treat Hair Transplant Scars?

At Gerow Hair Ink, we often come across failed hair transplant procedures and its lasting effects that it has caused our clients. Dealing with coming to terms with their hair loss is only compounded by the unfortunate side effect of plug holes and scars. Scalp micropigmentation offers a permanent and non-invasive solution to address scaring of any nature with a guarantee that it can be used to cover all affected areas and scarring. We have both the proprietary techniques and world-class technology which are proven to masterfully camouflage scarred and/or balding scalps. Though it may be required to go through up to four sessions to achieve full coverage we can proudly guarantee that once those sessions are over, you will not have to think about it ever again.

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