Erik Roberto

Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Hair Restoration Specialist

Erik Roberto is New York state’s top source for men’s grooming needs, a role that he has proudly held for the better part of his quarter century career in the trade. However, the true story is that Erik actually began his journey when he was just twelve years-old at a well-known barber shop called Guarious Barbershop. Erik often visited the barbershop as a child, and as he grew older, he took on many responsibilities such as cleaning the shop floor, managing the clientele list as well as various other administrative tasks. It didn’t take long before the owner Guarious, took notice of Erik’s determination as well as his consistency in performing his tasks on a daily basis and determined that Erik exhibited the qualities that would allow him to easily transition to grooming client’s hair. He spent just under a year working at Guarious with his guidance before having to move with his mother to San Pedro De Macoris where he spent an additional two years cutting hair in two other barbershops. Once he felt that he had learned all that he could he decided to open and run his own extremely successful barbershop for six years until immigrating to the United States seeking out new challenges in order to take his skills to new heights.

After arriving in the United States it took Erik no time to start building a name for himself in the industry and became known as more than just a simple barber, or stylist. His attention to detail and innovating approaches to cutting hair earned him a reputation of being the top barber in his home state of New York. After some time however, he became restless, he wasn’t arrogant to believe that this was it, that there were no other challenges left to overcome, that there was no other barber that could match his tenacity and skill and so, he entered into various prestigious competitions in order to test his skill against the best
barbers in the nation.

It didn’t take long for Erik to begin winning first place at competitions such as IBS New York, Hair Battle Tour Boston, Hair Battle Tour New Jersey and CT Barber Expo. His talent as a first-rate barber became realized when he was asked to be a judge during the Tampa Hair Battle Tour, further cementing himself as one of the most well-known Master Barbers in the United States.  After all this, Erik was dealt a blow that he did not expect; he noticed that he was losing his hair.  This was unexpected as he spent the better part of his life cultivating his craft and was at a loss of what to do when he was met with the eventuality of being a well-known Master Barber who loved getting a fresh cut every week would end up losing all of his hair. After looking at many of the treatments that were available he decided against going through with any of them as he was not interested in scars nor the daily applications of topic/medications. After coming to terms with his hair loss, he came across an entirely new approach in treating hair loss, scalp micropigmentation (SMP), and came to know of one its leading innovators, Jonathan Gerow.

Erik met Jonathan three years ago when he was undergoing a hair loss procedure being performed by Jonathan himself. Post his treatment, Erik developed an interest in scalp micro pigmentation and hair loss procedures and also acquired the requisite skills and knowledge in the area by extending his friendship with Jonathan.  After acquiring enough knowledge and understanding of the SMP procedure he became the first barber in the world to transition and perfect the technique and he’s been helping people develop attractive hairlines and recover the hair that they lost ever since. He contributed to the industry in many ways; his most notable contribution is the Hair Simulation Consultation which he created. Marrying both his skills as a skilled Master Barber and as a world class SMP practitioner, his novel technique allows prospective clients to visualize what they would look like after their scalp micropigmentation treatment.

His motto is to spread adequate knowledge and understanding regarding different hair loss procedures and treat men and women suffering from all forms of hair loss such as, Alopecia, Male Pattern Baldness, Scars etc.. Erik firmly believes that SMP is a fast growing and long-term solution for people suffering from hair loss and is truly passionate about helping people by providing them with advanced world class scalp micropigmentation treatments.

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